UH West O‘ahu’s primary colors are a deep red and black, usually over white. Our red hue differentiates the campus from the other nine UH System campuses.

Color is more than an aesthetic choice. Our primary colors, specifically our red, are used to create a sense of identity and brand reinforcement. Using our primary colors in conjunction with our seal or signature increase brand awareness and help communicate our identity.

Our colors are a REQUIRED brand element. Follow the specifications in this section. Do not use other versions of red not referenced in this section in publications or on the web.

The Palette

The primary red, black and white colors are supplemented by secondary reds and background patterns and/or gradient colors. This range of color options provide a great deal of flexibility; please stay within these established range of hue options. Always consider accessibility, specifically contrast difference between foreground and background colors, to increase the successful readability for everyone. Restrict use of tertiary colors to graphics rather than text. A red gradient can be used to enliven fields of color. The palette includes specs for spot color (Pantone), CMYK (process printing), and HEX (computer applications).

Primary Colors

UH West O‘ahu Red
CMYK 23 100 87 16
RGB 167 25 48
HEX #A71930

CMYK 0 0 0 100
RGB 0 0 0
HEX #000000

CMYK 0 0 0 0
RGB 255 255 255

Secondary Colors

Darker Red
CMYK 34 98 80 49
RGB 103 19 32
HEX #671320

Dark Red
CMYK 30 100 83 37
RGB 125 22 38
HEX #7D1626

UH West O‘ahu Red
CMYK 23 100 87 16
RGB 167 25 48
HEX #A71930

Light Red
CMYK 14 100 81 4
RGB 199 36 61
HEX #C7243D

Lighter Red
CMYK 0 64 39 0
RGB 253 129 130
HEX #FD8182

Brand Gradient

If a gradient is used, it should be used conservatively and only as a background. A gradient can be used in combination with a subtle, brand appropriate, pattern. If you are overprinting the gradient with type, you need to make sure the resulting contrast ratio results in accessibility for everyone.