WSCUC Core Competencies​

In the 2013 Handbook of Accreditation, Criteria for Review 2.2a states: Baccalaureate programs engage students in an integrated course of study of sufficient breadth and depth to prepare them for work, citizenship, and life-long learning. These programs ensure the development of core competencies including, but not limited to, written and oral communication, quantitative reasoning, information literacy, and critical thinking.

Now, at a time when there is widespread concern about the quality of graduates’ learning, and when assessment practices have emerged that are able to address these outcomes in nuanced ways, the Commission is asking for documentation of actual achievement. While CFR 2.2a mentions additional outcomes beyond the five core competencies – e.g., creativity, appreciation for diversity, and civic engagement – the five that are the focus of component 4 were deemed generic, fundamental to students’ future success, and assessable.

Student Learning Outcome Report Collection Evaluation
Written Communication Coming Soon 2018-19 2018-19
Oral Communication View Page Fall 2019 Spring 2020
Critital Thinking Coming Soon Spring 2020 Fall 2020
Quantitative Reasoning Coming Soon Fall 2020 Spring 2021
Information Literacy Coming Soon Fall 2020 Spring 2021
Critical Thinking
Contemporary Ethical Issues
Coming Soon Spring 2021 Fall 2021
Art, Humanities, & Literature
Coming Soon Spring 2021 Fall 2021
Global & Multicultural Perspectives
Coming Soon Fall 2021 Spring 2021
Civic Engagement
Community Engagement
Coming Soon Fall 2021 Spring 2021
Hawaiian-Asian-Pacific Issues
Coming Soon Spring 2022 Fall 2022