University of Hawai'i - West O'ahu

Social Sciences Learning Outcomes

To assure educational quality and curricular coherence, UH West O‘ahu has identified learning outcomes appropriate for Social Sciences students. Students at UH West O‘ahu are expected to apply certain knowledge and skills towards mastering material in an academic major and concentration.

Graduates with a Bachelor Arts in Social Sciences (SSCI) from UH West O‘ahu will be able to:

  • Clear and effective writing using the conventions of a particular Social Science discipline.
  • Knowledge of philosophical or cultural issues associated with different Social Sciences.
  • Knowledge of how quantitative or qualitative data are used in the Social Sciences.
  • Knowledge of the methods associated with a Social Science discipline.
  • Critical thinking about the knowledge, theories, literature or methods of a Social Sciences discipline.

These learning outcomes relate to the degree. Concentration-level learning outcomes can be found on the respective concentration pages.

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