Hawaiian & Indigenous Health & Healing

The certificate in Hawaiian & Indigenous Health & Healing strives to create an opportunity for non-traditional students and current healthcare professionals to add knowledge and value to their existing professional credentials. The certificate will also function as a pathway for the dissemination of traditional healing knowledge and skill that will serve as a model for other indigenous groups.

Training will consist of theoretical courses that focus on epidemiology and health disparities and practical courses in the Native Hawaiian traditional healing practices (ho’oponopno or conflict resolution, lomi lomi or massage, and lāʻau lapaʻau or herbal medicines).

An overarching goal is to work towards eliminating health disparities in Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander and other underserved communities by creating a collaboration between Traditional and Western Medicine. As a student-centered certificate, Hawaiian & Indigenous Health & Healing seeks to promote the integration of underserved and underrepresented students into an academic and cultural milieu that supports educational achievement and economic success.

Learning Outcomes and Program Sheet


Dr. Kau‘i Baumhofer Merritt
Assistant Professor
(808) 689-2385