Applied Forensic Anthropology

The certificate in Applied Forensic Anthropology (AFAN) will give students a solid foundation in forensic anthropology and a good introduction to the wider field of forensic science. This certificate may be earned alone or in conjunction with a Bachelor’s degree. Degrees that are especially relevant are a Bachelor of Arts in the Social Sciences with a concentration in Anthropology or a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration with a concentration in Justice Administration. When combined with relevant degrees, the certificate in AFAN will make students more competitive for a variety of job opportunities and advanced education in forensic anthropology, the wider field of forensic science, and other related fields.

This program is a collaboration between Leeward Community College and the UH West O‘ahu. A total of 29-30 credits are required. Students are welcomed and encouraged to enroll concurrently in classes at both campuses.

Learning Outcomes and Program Sheet


Dr. Ariel Gruenthal-Rankin
Associate Professor
(808) 689-2368