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Course Evaluations

The University of Hawaiʻi – West Oʻahu administers three types of online course evaluations: Mid-Semester (MS), Accelerated Term (ADS), and End-of-Semester (EOS). Please note that directed reading and research courses, laboratory courses that are evaluated through their complementary lecture courses, and military science courses are not evaluated at West O‘ahu. All other courses are evaluated regardless of class size.

A standard set of course evaluation questions is used for all course evaluations at West O‘ahu. When course evaluations are administered by The University of Hawai‘i Online Course Evaluation System (CES), instructors can also enter custom questions into the system to be used on his/her surveys. The CES system provides course evaluation results by course, division, and campus for the UH instructional community. The CES team will keep the instructors informed about the course evaluation process, including dissemination of information about instructor set-up periods and other notifications. During the course evaluation period, instructors may obtain real-time response rates and results on their course evaluation surveys from their CES accounts. Instructors may access their CES accounts by logging in to CES with their UH username and password. Additional information about publishing course evaluation results can be found under the FAQs section prepared by the CES staff.

Mid-Semester (MS) Course Evaluations

The Mid-Semester (MS) course evaluation results provide feedback to new tenure-track instructors. Only newly hired tenure-track professors are subject to the MS course evaluation requirement for two consecutive semesters (excluding summer terms). The IRO office administers the MS course evaluations for West O‘ahu. The course evaluation results are returned to the instructors and their Division Chairs.

Accelerated (ADS) Term and End-of-Semester (EOS) Course Evaluations

UH West O‘ahu offers Accelerated (ADS) Term courses throughout the fall and spring semesters. Each accelerated term lasts approximately six weeks. Except as otherwise stated, End-of-Semester (EOS) course evaluations are conducted for all full-term (15 or more weeks) courses. EOS course evaluations are required of all faculty and lecturers. EOS evaluations offer summative feedback on courses to instructors and serve as a record of teaching performance. To that end, it is used in contract renewal, tenure and promotion, and other personnel matters as appropriate. The UH system CES team administers both ADS and EOS course evaluations for West O‘ahu. The CES system returns all course evaluation results for the ADS and EOS term courses to the instructors through their CES accounts. It is the responsibility of the instructors to transmit (or grant access to) their EOS course evaluation results to their division chairs and to other parties as needed for purposes that require these results.

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